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Our CAE Series 3000 and TRU Odyssey H AW139 European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified level D full-flight simulators provide comprehensive and safe helicopter training for even the most challenging conditions and missions. The CAE Simulator is currently equipped with Phase 5 Avionics while the TRU simulator is equipped with Phase 7 Avionics.

Both helicopter simulators can be configured precisely to customer needs, regardless of mission type or weather scenario. It offers immersive and realistic training thanks to features such as cockpit vibration, smoke generation, 3D clouds, and night scenes.

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  • Level D primary certification by EASA
  • Phase 5 Avionics
  • 6 DOF electric motion system with cockpit vibration
  • Various mission/scenario configurations and options
  • Direct Projection Visual Dome 210°x 80°
  • Chin Window Coverage (down to -50°)
  • High-resolution projectors
  • Realistic environment simulation
  • Support for night operations, including NVG
  • Particular high-resolution gaming areas:  Norway, UK North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Sweden
  • Extensive custom airport library

Realistic scenarios

  • Scenarios can be taken out of the known geographical locations and landing sites by creating scenes to a wide variety of gaming areas and fields of operation
  • Different pressurizing environments in known geographic locations and landing sites which can be modeled by our in-house visual modeling team based on customer requests

Simulator Capabilities

  • Level D FFS with all the relevant options
  • Phase 5 (CAE) & Phase 7/8 (TRU) Avionics
  • EP-8100 Image Generation System
  • 4K Laser Projectors for higher fidelity
  • Whole Earth Generic Database
  • Gaming area customization per customer requirements
  • Debriefing stations with audio and video analytics

Enhanced Training

  • System Failures
  • Terrain and Obstacle Conflicts
  • NVG Operations
  • Optimal MCC Operations
  • LOFT
  • Efficient System Usage
  • Transparent Training Objectives
  • Tailored Training Packages
Start date Type Course Duration
May 6, 2019 AW139 Technical Ground Course May 6 - May 17 Request
Jun 24, 2019 AW139 Technical Ground Course Jun 24 - Jul 5 Request
Aug 6, 2019 AW139 Technical Ground Course Aug 6 - Aug 16 Request
Sep 2, 2019 AW139 Technical Ground Course Sep 2 - Sep 13 Request
On request AW139 TRI / NVG / PBN Request

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