New training centers construction proceeding on schedule

In conjunction with the order of five new full-flight simulators, Coptersafety decided to build a new and modern training center facility right next to its current premises.

Now the construction works of the new training center have reached the point where the shapes of the building are recognizable. The roof and wall elements are mostly in place, and the focus can be turned to inside works. In fact, inside the SIM-hall the task has already been initiated as the concrete casts for the first simulators have been ready for a good while. The installation of the first simulator starts during the summer.

The new Coptersafety building has been designed solely for helicopter training purposes and everything needed is contained under the same roof. The main architectural idea throughout the process has been the smooth and efficient training experience for pilots and their instructors. For example, for each simulator, there are dedicated and well-equipped briefing and de-briefing rooms located conveniently next to the SIM hall. During the training day, pilots can socialize and share their experiences in the cafeteria or focus on the session in more private lounge areas. For those who wish to have a Finnish touch for their training experience, relaxation in a warm sauna after the day is a perfect choice.

By the end of 2017, Coptersafety’s new training center will be complete. However, the first simulator (H145) will be ready for training already in October 2017. Following the H145 simulator, the training center welcomes AW139 (phase 7), AW169, H125, and AW189 level D simulators.

The booking for the H145 level D simulator is already open as well as the reservation for the currently operated AW139. For further details and information, please contact Coptersafety sales team:

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