Meet us at the Heli-Expo in Atlanta

Team Coptersafety will be attending the HAI HELI-EXPO on 5-7 of March in Atlanta. Meet our crew at the Coptersafety booth C1410, which is located close to Airbus Helicopters.

Come to share thoughts about the latest simulation training trends, your training needs, and our services. Coptersafety has added a couple of new level D simulators to its fleet already, and the expansion continues.

The currently operated full-flight simulators consist of an Airbus H145 and two Leonardo AW139’s (phase 5 and phase 7). The roster will soon also include an Airbus H145, Airbus H125, Leonardo AW169 and Leonardo AW189 simulators.

Coptersafety was founded to further enhance the safety of helicopter operations by effective simulator training. That’s why the company is bringing new full-flight simulators to our fleet and place them into the new simulator center. This facility will serve the best possible training in one single location and with all the necessary services to focus on learning.

Meet the Team

You are more than welcome to visit our booth C1410 or book a meeting with us prior to the event by emailing We are happy to showcase our simulator training offering for AW139, AW169, AW189, H125, and H145. So, welcome to meet us and discuss your training needs or other topics of conversation within the industry.

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