Installation of H145 full-flight simulator has started

Coptersafety started the installation of its next level D full-flight simulator during this week. The installation began according to the original schedule following the successful and on-time completion of the simulator bay on last Friday 14th July 2017.

The installation work is done in cooperation with experts from TRU Simulation + Training, which is the provider of Coptersafety’s next five simulators. Following the assembly of the mothership and cockpit, the software integration and testing take place during August and September.

“The installation of the H145 simulator marks a significant milestone on our journey since it is the first out of five simulators, which we ordered roughly a year ago”, says Mikko Dahlman, CEO of Coptersafety. “Being an H145 pilot myself I am delighted to see the new state-of-the-art simulator capacity entering the market to allow more efficient training solutions”, Dahlman continues.

H145 simulator reaches training readiness in October 2017, and the booking is already open at Coptersafety’s website.

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