Focusing on developing Coptersafety’s business as a member of the Board

Some fifteen years ago, I was taking some updating helicopter training courses. I had recently lost a number of colleagues in rotary-wing accidents. During the course, my thoughts moved more and more towards the safety and risks of helicopter flying. More specifically, I was thinking about the factors affecting risks.

I realized that in order to improve safety in the helicopter community, the most important thing would be to train the right attitude towards safety.

Those ponderings marked the beginning of Coptersafety.

I started to refine a business idea. A few years later, in 2011, I founded the company, Coptersafety. Since then, I have aimed and managed to gather the best people both in and around it. The business started growing. At some point, I realized the company and its brilliant crew also deserve someone with good leadership talents who could fully focus on piloting the business and the people.

Flying Coptersafety towards its vision to improve safety

Today Coptersafety’s flight is steadily rising to a great height. Our revenue is nearly 10 million euros and is growing at an annual rate of roughly 50%. Our clients are satisfied. We have achieved quite great things and a new phase in our development.

As the new phase is beginning, we need to build up capacity for the future. We aim to be a forerunner and to continue innovating even more new offerings to the market. This requires us to source new talents for our team continuously and to enable the talents we already have to focus their full attention, expertise, and enthusiasm in the right tasks.

Today is a good day for me – with a peaceful mind – to hand over the CEO task to Christer Niemi, in the role of interim CEO until the new CEO has been found. Many of you already know Christer. He works for private equity company Sentica, who has been the majority owner of Coptersafety since 2015. He was the Chairman of Coptersafety’s Board from 2015 to 2017 and has been a member of the Board since that. In other words: Christer knows our business.

The new leadership in Coptersafety will enable me to contribute my expertise and enthusiasm in the core development tasks of our operations. Going forward, I will continue working for Coptersafety as an entrepreneur, a Board member and an internal consultant with a special emphasis on developing our service offering. My passion is in improving the safety culture in our industry. I want to continue contributing to the development of Coptersafety’s comprehensive approach to safe operations and generating a strong community around it. That means experts, customers, trainers, authorities, opinion-leaders, and others. I also desire to contribute to strengthening Coptersafety’s marketing so that we can spread our mission even more efficiently.

I will go on flying HEMS operations monthly, too, to keep my touch with hands-on helicopter activities.

I am highly grateful to have found so many like-minded colleagues to build up this company and elevate our safety approach. Our message and offering have clearly resonated the helicopter community.

Let’s keep our rotors spinning!

Mikko Dahlman

P.S. Don’t hesitate to stay in touch if you want to hear more:

  • Mikko Dahlman, member of the Board of Directors, Coptersafety Ltd.;

+358 40 738 3080,

  • Christer Niemi, CEO, Coptersafety Ltd.,

+358 40 046 9486,

  • Antti Keränen, Chairman of the Board, Coptersafety Ltd.; Investment Director, Sentica Partners Oy; tel.

+ 358 40 717 3789,


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