Fifth Full-Flight Simulator – AW139

Coptersafety has today announced that it would increase the current AgustaWestland AW139 training capacity by choosing to invest in a new AW139 full-flight simulator. The new investment will double the current AW139 capacity in Coptersafety training center, Helsinki Airport, Finland.

“With the current investment, we want to take the next step in improving helicopter operators’ safety performance by increasing our mission-specific simulator training capacity for our existing and new AW139 customers. At Coptersafety we strongly believe in simulator-based training. It’s our core business, and this is why we wanted to increase our AW139 capacity – to be able to accommodate new customers – and we strongly believe that TRU can deliver world-class equipment for us to support our customers’ training needs”, says Coptersafety’s CEO Mikko Dahlman.

Coptersafety has selected in July 2016 TRU Simulation + Training – a Textron Company – to deliver five Level D Full Flight Simulators. This announced AW139 simulator is the last simulator revealed from the investment which already included Airbus Helicopters H125 & H145 and AgustaWestland AW169 & 189. Coptersafety has had during the summer an open dialogue with its current customers and based on the feedback selection for the last of the five simulators chosen to be additional AW139.

TRU will employ its industry-leading ODYSSEY H FFS simulator platform and debriefing station, with Rockwell Collins EP-8100 image generation fitted with laser projectors. The AW139 simulator will be delivered to Honeywell Primus Epic Phase 7 and Phase 8 avionics.

“The location has proven successful for our current operations with the AgustaWestland AW139 Full Flight Simulator, which is why we wanted to expand our AW139 capacity at Helsinki Airport to improve the training and safety performance possibilities for our current and prospective customers,” adds Hannu Marjoniemi, Coptersafety VP, Strategy & Finance.

Learn more about the training offering for the AW139 level D full-flight simulator.

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