Coptersafety’s AW139 Phase 7 Level D Full-Flight simulator offers a world-class customized training environment

“Since our launch four years ago, we have been working to improve the safety of helicopter operations globally. This represents one more step towards our goal, strengthening our offering to our customers. We continue to improve our operational effectiveness according to our growth strategy. Above all, we are happy to serve our AW139 customers with two distinct, high-quality simulators now,” says Mikko Dahlman, CEO at Coptersafety.

The new TRU Odyssey H AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator is EASA certified by the Finnish CAA. Furthermore, the simulator is equipped with Primus EPIC Phase 7 avionics. Thus, Coptersafety can now offer training for customers who are operating with Phase 7 avionics, with TCAS II integrated into training. Besides, the new simulator offers a Rockwell Collins 4K visual experience enriched by Coptersafety’s in-house visual team. The visual team can customize any needed area and scenario to provide a higher fidelity training interface.

Coptersafety can now offer training services for customers who are operating with Leonardo AW139 Phase 7 avionics

Customer oriented training partner

“We follow the industry development and our customers’ needs. So, the aim is to be a trusted training partner for our customers. It is important to develop training in an open dialogue with the customers own training departments. AW139 with phase 7 is a concrete example of how we adapt to the development of our customers’ operation and equipment,” adds Mikko Dahlman.

Coptersafety’s second AW139 is the first phase 7 simulator in the world. The simulator has the advanced; Rockwell Collins EP8100 Image Generation System, a 6-channel 4K projection system with a field of view of 240° × 80°, and an additional secondary motion system. The simulator’s avionics are based on the latest rehosted Epic Phase 7.4 from Honeywell. Among the many benefits of the AW139 Phase 7 simulator are features such as TCAS II, a load of 7000 kg and a vast array of other upgrades.

Variety of full-flight simulators, including the new Leonardo AW139 helicopter simulator

Coptersafety has a variety of full-flight simulators with customized visuals and impressive instructor expertise. So, it is undoubtedly well-positioned to promote safety in the helicopter industry.

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