Coptersafety appoints Mikko Kallio as a Head of Development and Test Pilot

“Helicopter industry is thriving, and we are continuously developing our company to meet our customer’s needs in the short and long term. I am pleased to welcome Mikko Kallio into the company. He has broad experience and knowledge of both fixed and rotary wing operations. This enables him to bring useful and modern thoughts, practices and principles into helicopter operating procedures. Kallio will also support the introduction of new FSTD’s and the development of existing ones by participating in testing and evaluation. His expertise truly helps us take our offering to the next level as a training provider,” says Mikko Dahlman, CEO, Coptersafety.

Mikko Kallio
Mikko Kallio, Coptersafety

“Coptersafety is a very engaging and fast-growing company with the latest flight simulator technology. For me as a pilot the vision of Coptersafety; “to improve the safety of helicopter operations “ is essential. Consequently, I am happy to be able to join the professional team of Coptersafety and work together for our common goal”, says Mikko Kallio, Head of Development and a Test Pilot, Coptersafety.

“Also, improving things and seeing better results – in both technical and learning issues truly motivate me,” Mikko Kallio continues.

Mikko Kallio is an ex-Finnish Border Guard helicopter test/SAR pilot, which he retired from in autumn 2017. Besides, he also is a current Airbus 330 airline pilot at Finnair.

For further information, please contact:
Naomi Holopainen, Customer Experience Manager, Coptersafety naomi.holopainen(a) | +358 44 241 7589

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Coptersafety is an independent helicopter pilot training provider for commercial, government and private organizations. The company provides simulator training for helicopter pilots around the world at its training facility next to Helsinki Airport. Moreover, the company has taken the initiative to genuinely improve pilot training to ensure the safety performance of the operators. For more information visit:

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