Chinese aviation authority grants certificates to Coptersafety

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has granted helicopter training service provider Coptersafety flight simulation training certificates. The certifications enable Coptersafety to improve the safety of operations in the quick-growing Chinese civil and commercial helicopter market.

Airbus H145 helicopter multi pilots in training

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Helicopter training service provider Coptersafety has received certificates issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) for its current Airbus H145 and two Leonardo AW139 full-flight simulators (FFS). According to CAAC’s evaluation, Coptersafety’s simulators comply with level D requirements of CCAR-60 (China Civil Aviation Regulations Part 60). Level D is the highest certification level.

In practice, this means civil and commercial helicopter pilots operating in China can now be trained at Coptersafety’s training base in Finland.

“I look forward to cooperating with helicopter operators from China and want to wish their pilots warmly welcome. Our geographical position next to Helsinki Airport, with excellent direct flight connections to several Chinese cities, will undoubtedly be a pleasant advantage,” said Timo Honkavaara, Chief Operating Officer, Coptersafety.

Responding to fast-growing demand in the Chinese helicopter market

The Chinese civil and commercial helicopter market is growing fast. It is estimated that from 2018 to 2037 the highest demand of pilots worldwide, including helicopter pilots, will be in the Asia-Pacific region[1]. Half of the demand is expected to come from China, where economic growth continues, and wealth levels keep rising. These trends contribute to more people traveling and the business aviation sector, including helicopters, to expand[2].

“This certification marks an important milestone for our whole training base,” said MikkoDahlman, CEO, Coptersafety. “Our vision is to improve the safety of helicopter operations worldwide. The CAAC certificates enable us to live up to our vision to improve the safety of helicopter operations, now also in the Chinese market where there is an increasing demand for training rotary-wing pilots. We have about 40 skilled professionals, including more than 20 excellent flight instructors. They all play a part in helping us exceed the industry standards worldwide.”

Operating from its new 4,500-square-meter facility, taken into use in October 2017, Coptersafety now provides simulator training services for AW139 and H145 pilots worldwide. All Coptersafety’s current simulators have previously received corresponding certificates also by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) flight simulation training certificates

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About Coptersafety

Coptersafety is an independent helicopter pilot training provider for commercial, government and private organizations. The company provides simulator training to helicopter pilots around the world at its training facility next to Helsinki Airport. Coptersafety has taken the initiative to genuinely improve pilot training to ensure the safety performance of operators.

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