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Top-level appointments at Coptersafety
Juha Ahtola has been named Head of Quality and Safety and Mikko Kallio Head of Training and Development. The new
Balancing Parenthood While Fighting Forest Fires
Becoming a parent always involves shifts in your lifestyle and priorities. It is difficult to convey the amount of fatiguing
How to avoid expensive disappointment in helicopter pilot selection
The shortage of qualified pilots and mechanics will be soaring in the next years. So, could identifying the pilot candidates
Coptersafety’s state-of-the-art AW139 Phase 7 Level D Full Flight simulator offers a world-class customized training environment
Coptersafety is continuing on its growth path and now offers around-the-clock pilot training services with three new Level D Full
Coptersafety Custom Visuals
Enhance your training with personalized training scenarios powered by custom visuals
Simulators can offer remarkably versatile training for pilots, but the key is offering ultra-realistic training conditions that present real-life situations
Case: Babcock SAA
Simulator training to develop safety culture while improving productivity. Read the case
Coptersafety appoints Mikko Kallio as a Head of Development and Test Pilot
Mikko Kallio is an ex-Finnish Border Guard helicopter test/SAR pilot, which he retired from in autumn 2017, and also a
Modern Helicopter training
How modern, interactive and transparent training methods improve flight safety
We are convinced that an interactive, transparent and flexible approach makes our training highly effective and best meets our customers’
Coptersafety training base lobby
One step ahead of reality
Coptersafety is an elite helicopter simulator training company devoted to improving the safety of ultimate and challenging circumstances of flight.
Coptersafety’s H145 simulator first in the world to be certified with Helionix STEP 2
Coptersafety’s H145 simulator first in the world to be certified with Helionix STEP 2
Coptersafety, an independent helicopter flight training service provider, has updated its H145 helicopter simulator avionics software with Helionix Step 2.
Coptersafety at HAI Heliexpo
HAI HELI-EXPO 2018 lifted the rotor industry into the bright lights of Las Vegas
Las Vegas is known for its world-class shows and entertainment, HAI HELI-EXPO and its 51 spectacular helicopters fit well into
Preventive physiotheraphy for helicopter pilots
Why should preventive physiotherapy be on every pilot’s agenda?
Low back pain, neck pain, and changes in posture are common problems among helicopter pilots. In fact, about 60-80% of
Coptersafety premises
New premises backing the best-in-class training experience
To host its new full-flight simulators Coptersafety decided to build a brand-new training centre.
Simulator training enables Finnish HEMS crews to practise flying in extreme conditions
Finnish operators of helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) observe much stricter flight operations standards than those required by international EASA
One of the first H145 level D simulators
Airbus Helicopters H145 pilots can now improve their safety performance in a level D full-flight simulator. Coptersafety’s H145 simulator in
“Safety as a Service” for Airbus H125 pilots
“Safety as a Service” for Airbus H125 pilots
Coptersafety and Østnes partner to reach new altitudes in helicopter training standards – introducing “Safety as a Service” for Airbus
PBN courses to start in September
Coptersafety is launching courses for Performance Based Navigation (PBN) training in September. The 2-day course includes theoretical knowledge and flight
Open letter and invitation to Coptersafety, Finland
By opening a brand new training centre next to Helsinki Airport and with five full flight simulators entering our fleet,
Coptersafety is an elite helicopter simulator training company devoted to improving the safety of ultimate and challenging circumstances of flight.
Meet us at the Helitech Expo in London
Team Coptersafety will be at Helitech on 3-5 October in London. Meet our crew at the Coptersafety booth #L81, close
H145 installation in Coptersafety training center
Installation of H145 full-flight simulator has started
Coptersafety started the installation of its next level D full-flight simulator during this week.
Benefits of helicopter simulatro training
CS Safety & Training Blog: The increasing benefits of sim training
Despite advances in technology and improved aircraft reliability, crew decision-making still remains the most important factor in aviation safety.
New training centers construction proceeding on schedule
In conjunction with the order of five new full-flight simulators, Coptersafety decided to build a new and modern training center
Coptersafety announces ‘Last Seat Offer’ policy
Once in a while, we have one last seat left or an odd number of students attending a course. This
Fifth Full-Flight Simulator – AW139
Coptersafety has today announced that it would increase the current AgustaWestland AW139 training capacity by choosing to invest in a
Becoming one of the largest helicopter training centers globally
Coptersafety – an independent helicopter flight training service provider, has today announced the order of five new Full Flight Simulators

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