Second day at HAI HELI-EXPO

The second exhibition day was full of exciting encounters. The Coptersafety team focused mainly on strengthening the existing relationships with operators and stakeholders. The exhibition area was once again filled with knowledgeable aviation professionals, and the overall atmosphere was great.

Helicopter pilot training service provider Coptersafety at HAI HELI-EXPO


Our Head of Business Development, Timo Honkavaara, had a chance to attend a seminar at the Heli-Expo regarding Aviation Safety Ethics. The seminar covered the regulatory requirements and values behind safety ethics. Incorporating aviation safety ethics on aviation business is crucial when it comes to succeeding in the industry.

“Aviation safety is a multifaceted phenomenon consisting of various aspects. At Coptersafety, our purpose is to provide high-quality aviation training to advance the safety standards within the industry. Providing the helicopter pilots with adequate training plays a vital part in ensuring this”, pinpoints Honkavaara.


Heading on to the last day of the HELI-EXPO our team is looking forward to further exploring the exhibition area and meeting other aviation professionals.

We will be actively sharing our thoughts from the exhibition on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Come along and follow our journey at HELI-EXPO!

About Coptersafety 

Coptersafety is an independent helicopter pilot training provider for commercial, government and private organizations. The company provides simulator training to helicopter pilots around the world at its training facility next to Helsinki Airport. Coptersafety has taken the initiative to genuinely improve pilot training to ensure the safety performance of operators.

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