Rotorcraft industry at HAI HELI-EXPO 2018 in Las Vegas

Last week, the whole helicopter industry descended upon Las Vegas, USA. HAI HELI-EXPO 2018, the world’s largest helicopter exhibition, was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center 26 February through 1 March. Over 17,000 helicopter companies, industry professionals, pilots, and enthusiasts from different countries were there to discuss the bright future of the vertical flight industry. A vast space of 29775 m2 was filled with the exhibits of 705 companies. Las Vegas is known for its world-class shows and entertainment. Thus, HAI HELI-EXPO and its 51 spectacular helicopters fit right in.


So much great news has already been shared on the event and its outcomes. For example, Leonardo announced combined helicopter orders at the event, reaching a total of 17 aircraft. Orders came from several different customers, spread across various countries, and representing a range of commercial and public service applications. According to HeliHub, these new orders count to be at almost 140 million euros in value.

One of the biggest stories of 2018 HELI-EXPO is Airbus’s new H160 medium-twin helicopter, as reported by AIN Online. Airbus Helicopters wrapped up the Las Vegas exhibition with orders for over 50 of a wide range of helicopters for customers worldwide, wrote Helis. Events like these are an excellent opportunity for helicopter industry leaders and enthusiasts to interact, meet prospective customers and build new relationships. The topics highlighted by the event were relevant for all types of industry stakeholders and players. Furthermore, it’s important to come together to discuss the matters and receive updates on the latest information to drive continued development of the industry.

The Leonardo AW169 in Las Vegas at Hai Heli-Expo 2018.
Leonardo AW169

Aviation safety

Of all the topics the event covered, aviation safety was one of the critical issues highlighted by aviation experts. Clearly, everyone in the industry is striving to develop and promote safety as a top priority. When it comes to safety issues and building a stronger helicopter industry, there is a clear joint mission that requires co-operation among all stakeholders. So many different parties from all around the world share this perspective.”

Coptersafety partnered with HELI-EXPO for the first time this year, and the investment has definitely paid off — both regarding awareness and business. We were excited to network with other rotorcraft professionals, and we want to express a big thank you to all who came to visit us. The company would not be where it is today without our wonderful customers worldwide. Thus, we were happy to introduce our next steps in improving helicopter operator safety performance by offering our mission-specific simulator training for a wider range of helicopter types.

Future investments to enhance simulator-based training

“We strongly believe in the importance of simulator-based training. That’s why we have also made a significant investment in our helicopter pilot training. In addition to our brand new Airbus H145 and Leonardo AW139 level-D full-flight simulators, four new simulators are scheduled to arrive in 2018/2019. The new additions joining our roster include a second AW139 simulator as well as H125, AW169, and AW189 simulators. With professional and detail-oriented simulator training available around the clock, we meet the many technical requirements of modern pilot training”, explains Jani Kaskinen, Chief Commercial Officer, Coptersafety.

“There is a high demand for customized and mission-based training. We offer our customers tailored visuals to support their individual training needs. This unlocks the full benefit of simulator training while optimizing operation effectiveness”, concludes Kaskinen.

Background information

The HAI HELI-EXPO is an annual event that was founded in 1962. It promotes international networking across the aviation industry. Each year, it shares insights on the latest helicopter products, services, and education. We respect the track record of HAI and similar organizations in arranging these kinds of events. The events help drive the future of the helicopter industry together with all of us.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year in Atlanta, 4–7 March.

The Coptersafety representatives at HAI HELI-EXPO.
The Coptersafety team at the exhibition.

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