How modern and interactive training improve flight safety

The training programs are spread over a three-year period and feature tailor-made scenarios prepared by Coptersafety instructors. These rotate every six months to ensure those helicopter pilots trained by us will not get used to a fixed environment. This is an important detail which often gets overlooked in many training programs. A pilot should be constantly alert, and we achieve this by switching the available scenarios. We leave no room for weariness and believe that this holistic approach raises both customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of our training.

At the same time, we remain open and flexible. We look for ways of adjusting our standards based on received feedback. Also, we can adapt the training to fit any needs of our customers. But we also add a unique, personal touch to them.

Be open and share

Before joining us at Coptersafety, pilots receive handouts with all training objectives clearly indicated. They are made aware of what is going to be covered so they can start preparing in advance. Then, before the actual simulator sessions begin on site, they take part in a briefing that includes all the need to know items.

Here we offer a unique and personal experience that focuses on a holistic approach. Our briefing sessions are interactive. It is not the instructor who addresses the pilot with them only listening. The briefing is based on open questions, which have to be answered descriptively. This ensures that the pilots are mentally prepared and our instructors have a clear understanding of the crew’s knowledge. It also allows putting more focus on areas that need extra attention. This training method also extends to the debriefing. Pilots are asked about what they did right, why they did it, and how any potential improvements could be applied.

By making this whole process interactive, the instructor can form a better connection with the pilot. Keeping the language positive allows the pilot to feel well after leaving the training session. We believe that learning is more efficient if it features clear and honest two-way communication. Even if it means telling our customer that additional training is needed.

..But also listen

We take pride in our commitment to ensuring the safety of pilots and having the proper personnel to provide training. All of our instructors are experienced pilots who have operated in various locations and scenarios. Thanks to this, we can ensure that the experience and knowledge they share is based on real-life situations, proficiency in flying different helicopters and time spent in the air.

Our unique blend of interactivity, open communication, experience, and flexibility makes our offering unique and valuable. Combining it with continuous self-development is our way of evolving our passion for safety and sharing it with our clients.

As an instructor, my mission is accomplished when our customers leave Coptersafety Training Base with a smile on their face and to be better prepared for their future missions.

Ivar Koster


Ivar Koster is the Chief Flight Instructor at Coptersafety. He has over a decade of professional experience as a helicopter pilot, instructor, and maintenance engineer. Ivar has provided training globally, from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and the Middle East and is the holder of licenses including EASA ATPL (H), TRI/TRE/UK/CRMI, ATPL (H) and TRI/TRE (AE).

“Provide an interactive and customer oriented training environment with clear and transparent training objectives.”

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