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Passion for helicopter safety

Coptersafety was founded by a helicopter pilot to improve the safety of helicopter operations. With Coptersafety, you are choosing a training partner who cares about aviation safety and has the know-how, tools, and passion for delivering it. Everything we do is designed to genuinely improve safety and help you with your safety management and processes.

To be truly able to share knowledge, experiences and best practices, all of our trainers are also active pilots who fly in Search and Rescue, Offshore, Emergency Medical Services as well as Aerial Work and Law Enforcement missions.

Coptersafety is an Approved Training Organization (ATO).

Coptersafety was founded by a pilot to improve the safety of helicopter aviation

“With a holistic and transparent training approach, we want to ensure that all helicopter pilots trained by Coptersafety feel confident and motivated to accomplish their missions even in the most challenging situation – to be one step ahead of reality.”

Coptersafety CEO Mikkoa Dahlman flying the H145
Mikko Dahlman, Founder, HEMS pilot

Whoever is your training partner, we encourage you to make sure that all standards are met, and all certificates are up to date. To make the validation easy for you, we have created an audit list which is free for you to download.

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35 nationalities

Helicopter Simulator

5 simulator models

Coffee Cup

66 000 coffee cups


5000 crashes per simulator

Fuel Savings

4,500,000 kg fuel savings

Pilot sunglasses

17 pilot instructors

Reliable and accessible

Pilot training is an investment that should bring in returns through improved safety performance and efficiency while distracting day-to-day business as little as possible. Coptersafety’s state-of-the-art premises situated next to the Helsinki airport offer easy accessibility from anywhere in the world. Everything is contained under the same roof to allow for a smooth and efficient training day from the first briefing to the last debriefing. Read more about the new training premises that back the best-in-class training experience.

Efficient training base

A well-organized and compact helicopter training base allows pilots and their instructors to focus on the training entirely. The whole training process from briefing to simulator training and debriefing is carried out in our state-of-the-art training base with plenty of room for relaxing and socializing during breaks – with complimentary beverages and snacks included as vital part of the training services. Read more about Coptersafety Training Base

Long-term partnerships

We will help you to manage and develop your aviation safety performance and culture in the long run. Our services are designed to make it easy for you to plan your schedules well in advance and adopt a systematic approach to helicopter pilot training.

As our customer, you have access to our online training portal, MyCoptersafety, where you can manage your training and simulator bookings.

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