NEWSCoptersafety and Østnes partner to reach new altitudes in helicopter training standards – introducing “Safety as a Service” for Airbus H125 pilots


Coptersafety improves your safety performance through reliable, flexible and effective mission-specific simulator training.

Upcoming courses

Start date Type Course Duration
10/2017 AW139 Type Rating Course VFR/IFR (Additional / Initial) 16 days
10/2017 H145 Type Rating Instructor 10 days
10/2017 H145 NVIS Initial Course 8 days
On request AW139 Type Rating Instructor 10 days
On request AW139 NVIS Initial Course 8 days
10/2017 H145 Type Rating Course VFR/IFR (Additional / Initial) 16 days

Mission-specific simulator training

Mission-specific simulator training enhances safety by letting you practice any scenarios in any environment until standard operational procedures become second nature to you. Then, when a situation emerges in real life, you are prepared, one step ahead, ready to act without hesitation.

NEWSCoptersafety reveals the fifth new Full Flight Simulator – AW139


Our growing fleet of Level D Full-Flight simulators is available for wet and dry lease.

Leonardo AW139

Airbus Helicopters: H145 10/2017, H125 08/2018
Leonardo: AW139 12/2017, AW169 04/2018, AW189 12/2018

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Efficient and focused

Located next to Helsinki International Airport, at the crossroad between East and West, our 24/7 training centre is easy to access from anywhere in the world. View map

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